10-year-old humor

Last night at dinner, the Chinese restaurant gave us red bean soup with tapioca for dessert.  Jason looked up and said, “Mmmmm, I love all these balls.”

“Ha ha,” I said sarcastically.  “Don’t push it.”

He smirked.  “Maybe next week we can go to KFC and get some spicy breasts.”

“Now you’re definitely on thin ice,” I said.

“And then after that,” Jason said, “We can get hot dogs for dinner and suck on some wieners.”

4 thoughts on “10-year-old humor

  1. Anonymous

    your kid is clever, chris!

  2. And if you buy him a lady dog, he'll talk about going home to play with his bitch.

  3. Foo,

    Oh yes, he's definitely aware of that double entendre as well.

  4. dude, that sounds like a moment for some serious encouragement, while sex is the lowest and easiest form of comedy it is in fact a form of comedy…

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