Everything you read in the press is a lie (so don’t let it bother you too much)

I’m catching up on my reading at the end of the week, and I ran across this truly epic comment stream on Pando Daily:
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The fracas was started by Pando leaking an unpublished blog post by
Chris Sacca, criticizing the politics and backstabbing at Twitter.

Side note: You should never be surprised by politics and backstabbing.
When millions of dollars are at stake, you’ll discover the ugly side of
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The real action starts in the comments, however, as various dignitaries
such as Marc Canter, Chris, and Jason Calacanis get into a massive
flame war with Owen Thomas.

The thing is, I’ve never understood
why people get worked up over the press. Everything you read in the
press is a lie. Expecting the press to reflect reality is simply
begging for aggravation.

Here’s how I explain it:

“Have you or a friend ever been written about in the media? Yes? Okay, was the story accurate?”

The answer is always no. Every story gets it wrong.

So why do you expect it to be different.

If someone starts to lie or libel you, respond politely but firmly, and take the high road.

Don’t feed the trolls.

Once you accept that the press is going to lie about you anyways, you
can get past the instinctive emotional reaction to fight back, and
instead pursue a calm and considered course of action that will reflect
well on you, and ill on the misbegotten curs whose addled yelping fills
those disgraceful excuses for journalism.*

* Just in case you were wondering…that was humor!

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