Productivity Hack: Do 1st Whatever You’re Most Likely To Forget

Most entrepreneurs get accused of having a short attention span.  There’s something about the willingness to pursue new ideas that seems to go hand in hand with a restless mind.  The result is that follow-through can be a big issue for entrepreneurs.

I’ve adopted a simple hack to address this issue: Do first whatever you’re most likely to forget.

This approach (which you can think of as a variation on “Eat That Frog,” has a number of benefits.

1) You make sure you actually accomplish that task.  This can be especially important for entrepreneurs, because they, more than anyone else, drive the progress of their startups.  Each task is often a prerequisite for a host of other actions, which makes procrastination especially deadly for startups.

2) You stop worrying about remembering the task.  We all have limited executive function; why spend it on something as useless as trying to remember a task when you could simply finish that task and move on?

Now what was it I was going to do again?  Oh yeah, publish a blog post.

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