When in doubt, try something

Like millions of people, I recently read the New York Times article about the 7-minute workout:

This workout, which originally appeared in the American College of Sports Medicine’s journal, consists of 12 simple exercises which, when performed at a high intensity for short periods with even shorter rest periods, provide a comprehensive whole-body workout.

Sounds great, right?  And boy, do Americans love 7-minute workouts.  But how many people actually tried the workout?

You could probably spend an hour or two simply researching the subject to decide whether or not it was scientifically valid.  Or, you could take 7 minutes and just do it.

I printed out the exercise guide and gave it a shot.  It was exhausting.  But that meant it was working.  I then took another 5 minutes to install a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) app.  I went with Simple Interval Timer, which was simple and free:

Since then, I’ve run though the workout dozens of times.  I even convinced one of my co-workers to try it with me (his comment: “That kicked my ass.”).

It’s usually pretty hard to try something the first time.  But it gets easier each time.  And in my case, that quick decision may very well impact my fitness level for years to come.

It’s easy to read about cool new things.  But reading about cool things isn’t the same thing as doing them.  When in doubt, try something.

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