The Hybrid Cloud is Here To Stay

I’ve already written about how “Enterprise SaaS” might be a misnomer:

Now comes a major piece of news that reinforces my prior post.  Amazon has just signed a $600 million contract with the CIA to construct a private version of Amazon’s cloud infrastructure inside the CIA’s datacenters:

If any company has the wherewithal to remain a purist when it comes to “Enterprise Saas” or “Open Cloud,” it’s Amazon.  Amazon has multiple revenue streams, and could easily continue to grow AWS while remaining “100% in the cloud.”

No company is more trusted.  No company is a safer bet for public cloud services.  AWS runs 1% of the Internet!

Yet even Amazon is pursuing a hybrid strategy, after previously scoffing at the notion of building private cloud infrastructure.

If you serve the enterprise, and you don’t have a hybrid strategy, you’d better get one.

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