The Zoom Treadmill (Treadzoomer? Zoommill?)

If you’re like me, endless Zoom calls and the inability to work out at your regular gym may have produced a “Quarantine 15” effect on your weight and fitness. For those who are fortunate enough to afford both a treadmill and the space to set it up, I offer a solution: The Zoom Treadmill, or … Continue reading The Zoom Treadmill (Treadzoomer? Zoommill?)

When in doubt, try something

Like millions of people, I recently read the New York Times article about the 7-minute workout: This workout, which originally appeared in the American College of Sports Medicine’s journal, consists of 12 simple exercises which, when performed at a high intensity for short periods with even shorter rest periods, provide a comprehensive whole-body workout. … Continue reading When in doubt, try something