The Zoom Treadmill (Treadzoomer? Zoommill?)

If you’re like me, endless Zoom calls and the inability to work out at your regular gym may have produced a “Quarantine 15” effect on your weight and fitness.

For those who are fortunate enough to afford both a treadmill and the space to set it up, I offer a solution: The Zoom Treadmill, or Treadzoomer.

You’ve always wanted to find a way to work in a couple of hours of hiking per day. With a Treadzoomer, you can convert your endless videoconferences into valuable exercise. Just rig your Zoom laptop, tablet, or phone so that you can take your Zoom calls while walking at a moderate pace and incline.

Think of how fit you’ll be when you’re walking 20 miles per day!

I look forward to the day when I tune into a Zoom call, and see everyone’s heads bobbing gently up and down as they walk.

(Note: I’m playing this for laughs, but this is a serious suggestion that I think people should try!)

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