Life, Death, and Living

I was struck today by the juxtaposition of two different stories on two different, extremely successful people. On Sunday, Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon passed away at the age of 59.  Simon had been told that he had only months to live back in 2012, but he defied those odds, and lived long enough to give … Continue reading Life, Death, and Living

Lives Well Lived

This afternoon, I left the office early to attend the memorial service for my old professor, Ron Rebholz. When I was at Stanford in the early 1990s, Ron was already a legendary teacher, with his Shakespeare course considered one of the top “bucket list” courses at Stanford (along with other legendary classes like ME101 and … Continue reading Lives Well Lived

Life, Loss, Love

Recently Lindsey Mead Russell, my friend and business school classmate, and I both lost someone very dear to us.  Lindsey’s 94 year old grandfather died in August and my beloved 12 year-old dog Kobe passed away in September.  What they had in common were long, full lives and relatively short illnesses at the end. After … Continue reading Life, Loss, Love

The Power Of The Unintentional

It’s amazing how so many of the important elements of our lives are completely unintentional. As my family and I grieve for Kobe, most of the sharpest pangs seem to be hitting us when we least expect it. For example, I know that I’ll be thinking of Kobe during the time that I would take … Continue reading The Power Of The Unintentional