Sometimes, the Internet surprises you with its sensitivity and grace

I don’t listen to much current music, subscribing to the theory that listening to fossil rock and pretending it’s still the 1990s keeps me young.  Therefore, I have no idea what Fiona Apple has been up to since releasing her debut album, Tidal, in 1996, which included her omnipresent hit, “Criminal.” But I was touched … Continue reading Sometimes, the Internet surprises you with its sensitivity and grace

Life, Loss, Love

Recently Lindsey Mead Russell, my friend and business school classmate, and I both lost someone very dear to us.  Lindsey’s 94 year old grandfather died in August and my beloved 12 year-old dog Kobe passed away in September.  What they had in common were long, full lives and relatively short illnesses at the end. After … Continue reading Life, Loss, Love

Doing What You Love

It’s a paradox. Any time you hear the story of a wildly successful person, they tell you to “do what you love.” Yet for most, this advice rings hollow. How do we reconcile these two facts? The problem is survivorship bias. It’s probably true that people become successful by doing what they love. But it’s … Continue reading Doing What You Love

The Power of Love (And Investors)

In this post, I’ll argue that the power of love comes mostly from stuff that doesn’t happen, and for bonus points, explain how my theory of love impacts how a startup should choose its investors. *** My life is filled with love. I have family, friends, and last but not least (okay, maybe least) you, … Continue reading The Power of Love (And Investors)

How To Love More Effectively

Give people what they need, not what you want to give them. Love is about considering someone else’s needs; those who insist on loving on their own terms are letting their own selfishness get in the way. This is not the same thing as loving unconditionally (a common refrain). In many cases, loving someone means … Continue reading How To Love More Effectively