From Search to Feed

The evolution of the internet from search-oriented to feed-oriented may be a negative. Search required consumers to be active; the internet responded to their questions, and rewarded those who could think clearly and compose the best queries. Feeds simple require consumers who are reactive; tune into Facebook (or Twitter or Instagram or Snap…) and then … Continue reading From Search to Feed

Do You Have A Relationship With Your Users?

I was fascinated by a recent report that Upworthy, Elite Daily, and Distractify–buzz-based content repurposers whose “viral” headlines have plagued my Facebook feed–had seen their traffic drop by 50% after Facebook changed its news feed algorithm: The rapid decline of these previous “hot” startups illustrates a basic principle of business.  You have to ask … Continue reading Do You Have A Relationship With Your Users?

Brainstorming Technique: “The Search Party”

This concept comes courtesy of Dave Franchino of Design Concepts, and his client Rite Hite. The way it works is as follows: A group of individuals are seated in a room, each in front of computers facing the same direction and connected to the internet. There is a LCD projector at the front of the … Continue reading Brainstorming Technique: “The Search Party”